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Yin Yang Yoga and Macrobiotics Retreat in Mani - Greece

23-30 June 2018

Join us for a 7-day yoga and macrobiotic diet retreat nourishing your body, mind and heart. Enjoy daily yoga practice, mindful breathing, meditation and healthy food based on the macrobiotic principles, in the southern Peloponnese. Take some time off to relax, swim in the beautiful sea, explore the beautiful Mani peninsula and seize the Greek summer.

Just like in yoga, macrobiotics is all about balance. Bringing harmony to the two tendencies of nature known as yin and yang and bringing balance to your life. Meditation, yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques or pranayama in Sanskrit, and proper diet are key resources for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 


The day begins with different breathing techniques (pranayama) to establish breath awareness and to find the optimal way of breathing to support our asana (physical) practice. The morning lessons are more yang, energetic and dynamic followed by meditation and relaxation. The evening lessons are more yin, restorative and healing. During the lessons we are going to de-stress, recharge, learn and have fun. We will focus on the alignment of different asanas depending on different body types and health conditions. Our practice will be physical but yet not about the physical. We will explore the five layers of being (koshas), the main energy channels and centres in our body (7 chakras & 3 main nadis) and the five sub-energies called prana vayus (currents of life force).

The food

The essence of Macrobiotic diet is balance and adaptation to the environment and to the needs of each individual. Each meal is prepared with a variety of ingredients such as grains, vegetables, beans and bean products, seaweed, fermented products, nuts, seeds and fruits; mostly organic. All the meals are 100% vegan and sugar free. The menu of the week is specially designed to support the yoga practice.


There will be 11 yoga classes - Afternoon are free where you may rest on your own private veranda, make a visit to the local village of Kardamili where you can find nice beaches, have a therapeutic massage, etc. There will be one free day during the week.


You’ll stay at Zen Rocks Mani, in a private and quiet location.  All bedrooms are with en suite bathrooms and private verandas. There are share twin, triple accommodation and limited single rooms. Most of the rooms have sea view. 

The place - Zen Rocks in Mani

Zen Rocks is a unique solitary paradise in nature, within driving minutes from sea and civilisation. The retreat is situated in a magnificent and sacred spot in Southern Greece within the olive growing region of Kalamata in the Mani peninsula. Zen Rocks is a stunning retreat center for yoga, exercise, healing and meditation is miraculously erected and slated to open in the summer of 2017. You will enjoy the beauty of nature, swim in exquisite beaches, walk, hike, visit nearby charming villages, ancient sites and byzantine churches or simply relax and let the magical essence of this place heal you.

Practical Information :

Price : Triple = 905 euros /  twin = 940 euros / single = 1390 euros

Price includes :

- 11 classes 

- 7 nights accommodation

- All meals 

Price does not include flights and transfers. Contact Nicole for more details.

Information & Registrations – Contact Nicole or +32 485 69 53 05 /


Katerina Koronaki -

Katerina has been teaching in Belgium and Greece the last five years. Her lessons reflect her view of yoga as a means to develop a strong body, open mind and courageous heart through an energetic flow with grace, alignment and balanced breath. She has completed plenty of trainings and workshops on hatha, vinyasa, anusara, pre and postnatal, aerial and restorative yoga by dedicated teachers from Europe, USA and India. Abhaya Yoga (no fear), a method created by her teacher Vivi Letsou is always a source of inspiration because it points to the liberating path of self-discovery and fearless action in life. Currently she is a studying Yoga Therapy in London with the aim to help people with different musculoskeletal problems, autoimmune diseases, psychological and other conditions.

Kostas Tzallilas

Experienced Macrobiotic chef and counselor, Kostas studied at the Kushi Institute of Europe (Art of Life, Level 3 Graduate) and spends his time cooking for yoga retreats, workshops and events that promote a mindful way of living. He gives private and group cooking lessons and seminars on the macrobiotic diet focusing on each individual’s needs and prepares macrobiotic menu suggestions for restaurants. He is a member of the team ONE Project ( introducing and promoting the macrobiotic nutrition and philosophy in Greece through seminars, lectures and macrobiotic products.

Comments for the food and the yoga lessons:

“The food fed me well. It is a labour of love to make a low calorie, vegan, macrobiotic menu, satisfying to the appetite, the taste buds and the eye but Kostas managed to do so in many interesting and varies ways. And it tasted good too! I felt a physical lightness, never felt hungry and never once took advantage of the second helpings available, despite undertaking two hours of yoga, two long swims and two hikes every day. I am still not sure how it was possible". Queen of retreats team, June 2017

“Really a good discovery! Kostas is an artist. Good taste, good products, good energy!” Myrtille, May 207

"Kostas, I was very happy to eat again your excellent cooking variety. The food was very good, great balanced combinations. It gave me energy and I felt very good". Sima, May 2017

“I had some knowledge of macrobiotics coming into the retreat, so I knew the food could be soothing and delicious. I was not disappointed. Kostas is extremely knowledgeable on the philosophy and practice of macrobiotics, and his insight into Greek and Belgian macrobiotics was especially interesting. The plates were attractively presented, and it was obvious that a lot of love and skill went into each meal. I looked forward to each sitting and was sorry to see to end".  Ray, July 2016

"Through your yoga lessons, you have opened my eyes towards some unexplored areas, and helped me to change the way I see the world. Sincerely thank you for this". Katarina

"Your lessons brought me such a positive attitude, inner calm, serenity and other many other positive things; I really don't know how I could thank you for all this energy you gave me". Sandrine

"The yoga instruction was well suited to students of all levels. We had some beginners as well as experienced practitioners. I have been practicing for years, but I learned some new things and I felt fully supported throughout the retreat. Katerina made herself fully available to answer questions even outside of class. Her focus was just the right balance for me between pranayama, vinyasa and release. These days many yoga classes are just a physical work out, but Katerina makes sure we work from a sound basis in breath work, pose integrity and physical challenge". Ray, July 2016

“I really loved how we worked on specific topics, very revealing! Katerina you have such an amazing personality for teaching people yoga! I loved it ! Maria, May 2017