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Prenatal Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training with Linda Spackman

Prenatal Postpartum Teacher Training - Module 1

Pregnancy is a profound time of transformation for a woman. Prenatal yoga supports and celebrates this process of transformation and strengthens the connection between mother and baby. The practice honors the power and beauty of a woman's changing body, and offers pregnant women a perfect opportunity to explore the spiritual aspects of birth and mothering, to find physical relief from common discomforts, and ease in birthing. 

This prenatal yoga teacher training prepares teachers to guide pregnant students through the journey of motherhood, from conception, through three trimesters and into postpartum. 

The training curriculum includes anatomy and physiology, detailed presentations on benefits and contraindications for yoga practice during pregnancy and postpartum. The course manual is more than 100 pages. Most of the classes are focused on practice and thorough presentation of asanas and the appropriate use of props to support the pregnant body. Other topics include pranayama, chanting, sequencing of classes, how to integrate pregnant students in general classes, and how to start a prenatal class. The asana adaptations covered in this training are also applicable for larger individuals and those with balance challenges.

This training is recommended for yoga teachers who are interested in:

·       Exploring this specialized practice

·       Teaching public or private prenatal and postnatal yoga classes 

·       Learning how to safely welcome pregnant women in regular drop-in classes

The program :

  • Module 1 with Linda Spackman (27-29 September)

  • Module 2 : Formation Prénatale avec Johanne Charlebois : Le Yoga & les détroits (9-11 novembre)

  • One observation in Johanne or Tatiana’s class

  • Supervision with Tatiana

  • Module 3 : Yoga Postnatal (optional)

Dates & Schedule :

Friday 27 September : 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Saturday 28 September : 1pm - 6pm

Sunday 29 September : 10.30 am - 5.30 pm

Location : Studio Jojiinc & Jo - rue de la Glacière 18 (1060 Bruxelles)

Price Module 1 : 350 euros early bird price before July 15. After that date, 370 euros

Price Module 1 + 2 = 500 euros early bird, after July 15, 580 euros

Module 1 + 2 + 3 = 750 euros early bird, after that date 830 euros

Information & Registration :