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Abhaya Yoga Workshops - Vivi Letsou (Greece)

Friday 13 January 2017

17h30 – 19h30

Abhaya Workshop – Dynamic Vinyasa Practice – Being in our bodies

Vivi will lead us in a dynamic class through a revolutionary way of planting our consciousness firmly in our bodily experience as we breath, move, flow and root ourselves inside our own bodies.

Saturday 14 January 2017

17h30 – 19h30

Abhaya Workshop – Dynamic Asana – Stillness

In this flowing Vinyasa class we will practice a well rounded sequence that includes each category of asana to help us open each area of our body, or at least inhabit our body with new awareness and comfort. Finding the stillness with moving, and the dynamic energy with standing still, we seek to recover a new way of being in touch with our body-life-experience.


Abhaya Yoga is a style that combines dynamic alignment based on asana, with an empowering philosophy rooted in Tantra and on the Buddhist path of compassion for all beings.

Location : Rue Defacqz 78 (5th Floor) – Saint Gilles

Price : 1 workshop = 30 euros

2 workshops = 50 euros

Info & Registration : +32485 69 53 05


Vivi Letsou, B.S., M.A., Director of NYSY Yoga & Pilates Academy

Certified Teacher Yoga Alliance 500 hours, BASIPilates™,

Abhaya Yoga Creator

A visionary and activist for positive change, Vivi loves to share the way of Yoga and Zen, two paths she has sought to combine for over 20 years, while a filmmaker in California. Now the director and co-founder of NYSY Academy for Yoga and Pilates, and Avocado Vegetarian Café—two bright centers in the heart of Athens–Vivi is tireless of teaching and bringing the global community closer through the practice of “Healthy Mind in Healthy Body.”

For the last 10 years Vivi has lived in Athens and Mani, Greece, with her beloved husband and partner in all things creative, Eraj Shakib.

She loves to teach regular classes, and derives special joy from guiding others through the deeper journey of exploring the Fearless Path of Action through Abhaya Yoga.