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A series of Yoga Workshops with Jafar Alexander (USA)


Wednesday 12 April - 6.30-8.30 pm : Sthira and Sukha

Jafar will share what he loves with clarity and integrity-Yoga. Join him for an experience that will flow with strength and grace through the 8 limbs of Yoga - the wise technology of the path they walk. This class will explore these limbs through the lens of “Sthira and Sukha” (effort and ease).

Friday 14 April 2017 – 6.30 – 8.30 pm : The Story of Yoga

Join Jafar for a practice that will illuminate the history and story of Yoga like never before. As you travel through his strong and thoughtful Vinyasa Practice, the tools of yoga (contemplation, breath work, movement) will be utilized to tell the story of Yoga and it’s essence.

Saturday 15 April 2017 – 10-13h : The Art of Transitions

How do we move from a pose in a class while creating a meaningful experience ? One of the most important tools you have as a Yoga Teacher, is the intelligence of your transitions and intention. Part of maturing the Yoga practice is in the art of the transition, which Jafar believes is the essence of vinyasa. Creating a powerful sequence will depend on your ability to layer both the philosophy of Yoga with the wisdom of breath and movement.

If you are interested in teaching complex asanas and offering layers to the class experience for yourself as a practitioner and as a Yoga Teacher, then this is the workshop that will give you the tools and confidence.

Sunday 16 April 2017 - 10-13h - Asana Lab : Maintain Steadiness and Ease – While keeping Your Balance

We will explore a selection of postures and arm balances ; five powerful asanas that both challenge and strengthen our focus and balance when faced with the fear of falling. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which from the philosophical and ethical foundation for the yoga we practice today, this is expressed in the Sanskrit phrase “Shtira Sukha Asanam”: “May the seat embody steadiness and ease”

Sunday 16 April 2017 – 14-17h : Exploring the Subtle realm - Pranayama & Meditation

This workshop explores the tools of Pranayama (breath exploration), Pratyahara (repurposing of senses), and Dharana (intense focus). These tools have allowed yoga practitioners to dive into the intangible world of themselves for generations. They are what set the stage for meditation to take place. If you have a meditation practice, or are looking to build one, this is the workshop for you. We will examine the literary texts that outline this exclusive practice, and then put into action. It is about finding the appropriate doorway for each practitioner. This workshop seeks to empower each practitioner with a few ways to find their own meditative practice. So come explore the subtle realms of your practice.

Price : 25 euros / workshop

100 euros = 5 workshops



Jafar J. Alexander E-RYT 500

“I believe that practice is what happens on the mat, and yoga is what happens in life”.

Jafar’s belief is “Yoga is yoga”. No need to complicate it, it’s quite simple. Breathe, move, and find your way to silence. Everything you need to know is right here… Atha!” His devoted study of Yoga has made him a multi-dimensional teacher who is able to playfully weave stories with expert sequencing and thoughtful philosophical inquiry all in one asana, making his classes what he likes to call “Yogasanas- keeping the Yoga in the Asana!”

Jafar uses his diverse and comprehensive understanding of the yogic tradition to guide practitioners in individual sessions, group classes, weekend workshops, master classes, and teacher training programs. Jafar’s energy and presence brings yoga theory to life as he encourages yogis/yoginis to find space, allowing for movement, which leads to freedom from attachment. He truly shares his yoga practice and passion through a connected journey of self-awareness, conscious breath, and physical strength.

Jafar has a unique range of influence from fellow yogis such as A.G. Mohan, Kelly McGonigal, Cora Wen, Richard Rosen, Doug Keller, and Maryam Ovissi.

Jafar is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance at the E-500 hr level. He is the Director of the 200 hr BelovedYoga Flow Teacher Training and co-leads the BelovedYoga School, 500 & 800 hr programs. In Summer 2014, Jafar helped expand the BelovedYoga School to Europe and will continue to offer workshops and training abroad and at home.