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Yoga Weekend with Anna Ashby (London)

The Heart of Practice

A Weekend of Yoga Workshops with Anna Ashby

including āsana, prāṇayāma + meditation

"What is this body? A shadow of a shadow of your love, which somehow contains this universe."

— Rumi

Across traditions, cultures and time, the ‘Heart’ exists as an essential centre of spiritual wisdom and awareness ; a universal symbol for the highest kind of love. It represents a power place in the complexity of a human being that transcends difference, diversity and provides a focal point where the essence of yoga may be realised - a merging into the subtlest and most transcendent aspects of pure being.  The ‘Heart’ embodies the paradox at the heart of yoga - it is a place of revelation where the individual and universal meet and become One.

To practice from the awareness of the heart can give rise to a perceptual transformation that can radically shift the experience of living in each moment. One could say this heart-felt type of practice can reveal the unifying fabric of reality and offer a sense of place and purpose.

Come join Anna for a weekend of workshops that enquire into heart-based practice through āsana, prāṇayāma + meditation.  See schedule below.


Friday, Mar 29, 2019, 7:00p - 9:00p - Restorative + Meditation

Saturday, Mar 30, 2019, 10.30–1:00p - Forward-bends + Prāṇayāma

Saturday, Mar 30, 2019, 2:30-4:30p - Twists + Back-bends + Meditation

Sunday, Nov 25, 2018, 10.30–1:00p - Inversions + Prāṇayāma**

**More experienced students + teachers.

 Location: Centre Perou


Individual Workshop Fee: Fri pm - 40 euros

One session Saturday / Sunday = 45 euros

Whole weekend Fee: 160 euros

Contact: Nicole -

Anna Ashby is an experienced senior teacher at triyoga, in London. Her dedicated training in alignment based yoga systems and in dance, combined with her love of movement and philosophy results in a unique approach to yoga that invites enquiry, exploration and full experience. Her teaching reflects a subtle intelligence focusing on precision and alignment in the expression of āsana.  Her direct experience of the yoga tradition while spending 12 years in an Ashram in up state New York underpins her teaching with a practical understanding of yoga philosophy. She is a founder and senior faculty member of triyoga’s teacher training programme and holds the highest level of certification from Yoga Alliance both in the UK and in the US (Senior Teacher/E-RYT 500). For more information about Anna’s schedule visit her website