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Introduction to Pranayama with Richard Rosen (USA)

Friday 6.30-8.30 pm 

The traditional foundation for the practice of yogic breathing (pranayama) is posture (asana) (see for example Hatha Yoga Pradipika 2.1). This first class will focus on asana-based preparations for beginning a breathing practice. The session will also include a mini-course on the Corpse Posture (shavasana), an essential preparation for pranayama. 


10-12h30 and 14h-16h30

The morning session will cover the fundamentals of the reclining practice, that is, pranayama breathing lying on a variety of folded blanket bolsters. In the afternoon, we’ll focus on asanas that  prepare us for proper sitting. Both sessions will include a variety of supporting techniques, such as ratio breathing and the “unspoken” (ajapa) mantra. 

Sunday 10- 12h 30

The final session will review the first three and then introduce some more advanced supporting techniques for sitting pranayama, including digital breathing, the throat bond (jalandhara bandha), and retention of breath (kumbhaka). 

Location : Sampoorna Yoga - Rue du Houblon - Brussels

Price : 45 euros / session - Saturday all day 80 euros

Weekend : 150 euros

Information & Registrations : or +32 485 69 53 05


Richard Rosen began his practice of yoga in 1980, and graduated from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco in 1985. He has been teaching since 1987. Richard is the author of five books on yoga, and has written over 300 articles and video reviews for Yoga Journal and various other magazines. He's also the President of the Yoga Dana Foundation board, which grants funds to Bay Area yoga teachers working in underserved communities. For more information, go to his website at

RICHARD ROSEN began his practice of yoga in 1980, and He’s written two books on pranayama, The Yoga of Breath (2002) and Pranayama: Beyond the Fundamentals (2006). He lives in Berkeley, California.